The Alpha Delta Pi Foundation is proud to award approximately 130 competitive academic scholarships each year with a total of more than $190,000 in scholarships. Award amounts vary up to $3,000, and scholarships are available for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education study. Alpha Delta Pi members in good standing who have a 3.2 minimum cumulative GPA (unless otherwise noted) are encouraged to apply.


150th Anniversary Scholarship

Alpha Beta Anniversary Scholarship

Alpha Eta Chapter Anniversary Scholarship

Alpha Kappa Chapter Scholarship

Alpha Omicron 75th Anniversary Scholarship

Alpha Theta Anniversary Scholarship

Amanda Beth Castellone Scholarship

Angela J. Knight Memorial Scholarship

Anne Veale Pogson Scholarship

Berit Henriksen Carter Scholarship

Beta Epsilon Chapter Scholarship

Beta Eta House Corporation Continuing Education Scholarship

Beta Sigma Chapter Scholarship

Beth Fraley Memorial Scholarship

Bettie McHaney Talbert – Caralee Strock Stanard Outstanding New Member Scholarship

Betty Clapsaddle Riley Continuing Education Scholarship

Betty Cook Karrh, Kathy Karrh Cashin, Katy E. Cashin Scholarship

Betty Hitchman Hurley Memorial Scholarship

Betty L. Miller, Alpha Upsilon, Scholarship

Caralee Strock Stanard Scholarship

Carlotta Dodge Business Scholarship

Catherine Davis Stanley Scholarship

Catherine Leslie Iten Scholarship

Clara Duncan Smith Scholarship

Dan and Sarah Davis-Candeto Scholarship

Dawn Victor-Herring Scholarship

Deena Bartolo Scholarship

Delta Alpha Chapter Scholarship

Delta Gamma Chapter Scholarship

Delta Pi Chapter Scholarship

Delta Theta Chapter Scholarship

Diana Davidson and Katie Cone Davidson Scholarship

Diane Dominix Stewart Scholarship

Dodee West Monaco Scholarship

Donna Rae Pollen DeSando Scholarship

Dorothy Sullivan Jevne Scholarship

Dr. Lucille McGehee Haynes Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Lynda Waller Scholarship

Edith Seitz Owings Memorial Scholarship

Eileen Stinnett Riddle Scholarship

Elana P. Stein Memorial Scholarship

Elsie Heilman Consilio Memorial Scholarship

Epsilon Kappa Chapter Scholarship

Epsilon Lambda Chapter Scholarship

Epsilon Nu Scholarship

Epsilon Pi Chapter Scholarship

Epsilon Tau Chapter Scholarship

Erin Levitas Memorial Scholarship

Erskine-Marshall Scholarship

Eta Alpha Chapter Scholarship

Eta Epsilon Chapter Scholarship

Eta Lambda Chapter Scholarship

Eta Phi Chapter Scholarship

Eta Xi Chapter Scholarship

Eta Zeta Chapter Scholarship

Ethel Pearcy Masters’ West Virginia Scholarship

Frances Johnson Murrah Scholarship

Frances Poulson Hall Memorial Scholarship

Gamma Chi Chapter Scholarship

Gamma Delta Chapter Scholarship

Gamma Mu Chapter Scholarship

Gamma Upsilon Chapter Scholarship

Gift Mart Scholarship

Global Education Scholarship

Gus and Ernestine Medley Memorial Scholarship

Heather Anne Conti Westphal Memorial Scholarship

Heather R. Kornick Scholarship

Helen Burkhart Prehn Scholarship

Helen G. Snellenburg Memorial Scholarship

Helen Newton Murray Scholarship

Helen Stoutamayer Lowrey Scholarship

Hoyt-Jolley Foundation Scholarship

James H. Hain Scholarship

Jean Harriet Pund Bruner Scholarship for Beta Nu

Jeanette Virginia Barrows Scholarship

Jill Trousdale-Barr Scholarship

Joan Reisch Boddie Scholarship

Joanna Kristine Howell Scholarship

Kaliegh Ottis Memorial Scholarship

Kappa Chapter 75th Anniversary Scholarship

Karle Friar Smith Scholarship

Kathie Day Scholarship

Kathryn M. Strong Graduate Fellowship

Leslie Friend Dalton Scholarship

Linda Yarnell OBrian Scholarship

Lucille Barksdale and Darwin S. Renner Memorial Scholarship

Lucy Candler Leide Scholarship

Marilyn Mayer Long Chapter Officer Scholarship

Marjorie M. and Rolf Lauritz Steberg Scholarship

Mary Bull Mason Scholarship

Mary Currier Allen Scholarship

Mary Fox Seals Scholarship

Mary Kelley Shearer Scholarship

Mary Lane Cady Scholarship

Maxine U. Blake Journalism Scholarship

Melissa Case Dupee Scholarship

Memphis Area Alumnae Association Scholarship

Missouri State Scholarship

Myrtle McLemore Anderson Scholarship

Nanellen Lane Scholarship

North Carolina Lion’s Share Scholarship

Pat Johnson Evans Scholarship

Patty Purish O'Neill Scholarship

Peggy Woods Vaughn Scholarship

Pi Chapter Anniversary Educational Achievement Scholarship

Renee Bailey Iacona Scholarship

Rho Chapter Scholarship

Ruth Pretty Palmer Scholarship

Sarah Phenix Brewer and Corey Burke Memorial Scholarship

Sharon Southerland Long Scholarship

Sigma Chapter Scholarship

Stephanie Bauer Daniel Scholarship

Suzanne Bowmall Spear Scholarship

Terry Medley Curtis Scholarship

Theta Beta Chapter Scholarship

Theta Delta Chapter Scholarship

Theta Gamma Chapter Scholarship

Theta Omicron Chapter Scholarship

Theta Pi House Corporation Scholarship

Theta Zeta Chapter Scholarship

Virginia Rosenberg Stafford Scholarship

Virginia T. Cooney Chapter Officer Scholarship

Virginia T. Cooney Graduate Scholarship

Virginia T. Cooney Undergraduate Scholarship

Xi Chapter Scholarship

Zeta Chi — Emily Erkel Honorary Scholarship

Zeta Gamma Chapter Scholarship

Zeta Iota Chapter Scholarship

Zeta Lambda Chapter Scholarship

Zeta Mu Chapter Scholarship

Zeta Nu Chapter Scholarship

Zeta Omega House Corporation Scholarship

Zeta Pi Chapter Scholarship

Zeta Rho Chapter Scholarship

Zeta Sigma Chapter Scholarship

Zeta Tau Memorial Scholarship

Zeta Upsilon Chapter Scholarship