With so many amazing sorority chapters on the Ole Miss campus, many wonder what sets us apart from all of the others?  Read  below to find out why our sisters chose Alpha Delta Pi as their home away from home!

"I went adpi because when I walked through the doors I immediately felt at home and like I had found my place. Ole Miss is 600 miles from my hometown and I felt so lost before recruitment but once I ran home to adpi I knew I’d found my forever home. Over the last year I’ve found my best friends, the most perfect family, an unbeatable support system and my future bridesmaids. Adpi is more than just letters on a t shirt or sticker for me, it’s a sisterhood I’m proud to be apart of everyday and my home away from home."

-Kendall Twiddy

"When I think of all of the beautiful reasons that brought me to ADPi three years ago, I realize that I did not choose ADPi. Alpha Delta Pi chose me. On Greek day, I was welcomed into the house with open arms by a woman who would later become my great grand big. She poured her love for ADPi into me and shared that Pi was forever. From the very beginning of recruitment, I knew that ADPi would be mine forever if I chose to open my heart to it. Opening my heart to the sisters of Alpha Delta Pi was the greatest choice of my life. Alpha Delta Pi has brought me three years full of happiness and the most dazzling memories that will last me a lifetime. I am forever grateful to be a part of this sisterhood."

-Sarah Raviani

Coming to Ole Miss I didn’t really know anyone. When going through recruitment I wanted to find a place where I felt completely comfortable being myself. ADPi was that place from day one. Every girl I’ve met has really showed me what living for each other means and I’m so lucky to have found a home where I can be loved for being myself! 

-Abby Avery

Going through recruitment I wanted to find the house that I was the most comfortable in. Walking in on day one, I knew that the girls in Alpha Delta Pi were for me. I could picture myself walking in and sitting down for lunch alone and having all my sisters come sit down with me. APDI has made me feel so welcome and they show me so much love. I chose ADPI because the support me in my academics, sports, and my personal wellbeing.

-Shawna Burge

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